Behind The Scenes

kid sitting on coach with yellow lab

Responding to a callout with our search dog is the culmination of years of training and thousands of dollars. While the motivation to be a K9 handler comes from somewhere deep inside us, we know we couldn’t do it alone. As we watch handlers from across the country respond to Hurricane Laura, we are reminded…

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It’s All About YOU

man and lab searching vehicle on lead

A few weeks ago I came to you live on Facebook from the hot and humid woods of Illinois where I was a decoy for my teammates during their trailing workshop. Don’t get me wrong, I love to train! Especially when I get to work my own dog. But there are a lot of benefits…

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5 Day Trained Final Response Challenge

golden barking at pallet

As defined by the Crime Scene/Death Investigation–Dogs and Sensors Terms and Definitions, ASB Technical Report 025, First Edition 2017… final response A behavior that a canine has been trained to exhibit in the presence of a target odor/scent source. This behavior may be either passive (sit, stare, down, point, etc.) or active (bite, bark, scratch,…

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When Life Gives You Lemons (aka field of goose poop)

My wise granny always says, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In this case, when life gives you a training field covered in goose poop, time to make some great distraction training. The weather has been nice so our “guests” (approximately 15 or so geese) took off for the day leaving my North field…

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