Training that prepares you and your K9 partner for the real-world.

Training that prepares you and your K9 partner for the real-world.


Unparalleled access to large source training aids, novel search environments, and personalized training support from instructors with decades of experience.


Last year I attended several workshops that Deana instructed, I love her no nonsense way to instructing. She will give you great instruction on what you need to do, and how to make you and your dog a better team. She is passionate about training and puts in an unbelievable about of time and effort into making the training scenarios realistic.

The scenarios are challenging, however she will tailor them to wherever you and your dog are with your training. Deana is a wealth of knowledge and has years of experience, it definitely shows when she is instructing.  If you want to take your training to the next level and become a better K9 team, I would highly recommend training with Deana!

- Darcy Workman

I have known Deana Hudgins of The Center for Forensic Training and Education for approximately 20 years. During that time, Deana has utilized her K9 Search and Rescue training and scientific expertise to assist emergency services agencies in the recovery of lost and missing persons.

Deana’s vast experience as a handler of multiple Human Remains Detection K9s gives her a unique perspective regarding the recovery of human remains.

Deana also shares her knowledge by conducting practical, reality-based workshops for K9 SAR handlers and other individuals.            

- Gloria Napier

   Buckeye Search and Rescue

I have been to several seminars where Deana has been instructing.  Her style of instructing, I find it helpful and informative. Deana is a very thoughtful instructor - when I say that I mean that when you work with her - she lays out the plans for the exercise to you and gives you the expectations, for whatever level your dog is at (think exercise program here - optimal, modified, remedial).

She studies the dog as it is working and makes suggestions in real time to adjust what we need to do to support the dog if the dog is green or confused or to modify what I, the handler, is doing to make the training clearer to the dog.  But it doesn’t stop there. I’ve had Deana come to me on a lunch break and say your dog is pushing your buttons by doing xyz, just watch for that and be aware.  So she doesn’t really stop thinking when your exercise is done, she files away something that she saw but since working with dogs is in such split second,real time she didn’t want to cloud what was happening then with something that could be said later.

I’ve been working dogs for 30 years in various venues - almost 20 of it in detection work and I appreciate working with an instructor with her knowledge and observation skills.

- Linda Murphy

The Center for Forensic Training and Education provides exceptional training for Search and Rescue K9 handlers, especially those working K9s in human remains detection (HRD).

The training they provide addresses a significant challenge for most handlers, which is access to realistic training material and training scenarios that are representative of what we will encounter on actual cases. The level of professionalism and expertise that they provide is unparalleled. I have been handling HRD K9s for over 20 years and this is by far some of the most valuable training I have had the opportunity to participate in.

- Joan M. Brehm, Corporal

K9 Operations Team
McLean County Emergency Management Agency

Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

We promote multi-disciplinary collaboration to maximize the effectiveness of search and recovery operations by incorporating resources from law enforcement, fire rescue, emergency management, government and civilian organizations.


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