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Spike's School for K9 SAR Application

Our catalog of in person workshops offer
opportunities for every skill level of dog and handler.

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2022 Workshops

Disaster - USAR

Disaster Response for USAR Handlers
January 6 -7, 2022

Disaster - Wilderness

Disaster Response for Wilderness Handlers
January 8-9, 2022

2021 Workshops

HRD Land - Large Source Workshops

These workshops are designed to provide a progressive training opportunity to expose yourself and your dog to large sources up to full sets of remains. Beginner will guide you through introducing your dog to large sources. Intermediate is designed for teams that are ready to move past exposure to guided searches. Advanced Scenarios gives you the opportunity to put your skills to the test with blind and know exercises that simulate real world searches. Click on a workshop below to learn more.

HRD Water Workshops

From beginning teams just starting out to advanced teams that are routinely responding to water searches, we have a workshop to meet your training needs. Beginner will teach you how to develop and implement a water search protocol for shoreline and introduce you to boat operations. Intermediate will focus on extending nose time on open water and shoreline searches, and effectively using search strategy. Advanced Scenarios will offer numerous opportunities for known and blind searches in moving and still water environments that simulate real world searches. Click on a workshop below to learn more.

HRD Land Specialized Workshops

These workshops are land based and geared to specific training objectives. HRD Land Introduction is designed for teams new to HRD work whether it’s a puppy or and adult dog, this workshop will get you started on the right path and help you avoid training pitfalls. HRD Advanced Distractions will challenge you to work through the most distracting conditions you will face during real searches including live animals and hoarding conditions. HRD Crime Scene will prepare you to work criminal cases with varying source sizes from trace to large sources in building, vehicle, and wide area environments. HRD Disaster for Local Responders will prepare teams to safely respond to incidents in their communities such as tornadoes and collapsed buildings. Click on a workshop below to learn more.