5 Day Trained Final Response Challenge

As defined by the Crime Scene/Death Investigation–Dogs and Sensors Terms and Definitions, ASB Technical Report 025, First Edition 2017...

final response
A behavior that a canine has been trained to exhibit in the presence of a target odor/scent source. This behavior may be either passive (sit, stare, down, point, etc.) or active (bite, bark, scratch, jump, etc.). Also known as a trained final response.

Importance of the Trained Final Response (TFR)

Time after time at workshops, during certifications and assessments we see teams have issues with their trained final response. Like many aspects of dog training this is often caused by ineffective communication between handler and dog. Without a clear understanding of what is expected, the dog will struggle to consistently and reliably perform the trained final response at target odor under any circumstances.

We are going to take you step-by-step through our proven 5 D training method that will give you the rock solid trained final response you have always wanted.

5 Day TFR Challenge!

How this works
Each day we are going to dive into one of the 5 D's of building a solid trained final response. Whether you are working a puppy or an experienced dog, you will get training drills, video examples, helpful downloads and troubleshooting tips for your dog's specific level.

Day 1: Definition  (Monday, May 11)
Day 2: Decision (Tuesday, May 12)
Day 3: Direction (Wednesday, May 13)
Day 4: Duration (Thursday, May 14)
Day 5: Distance  (Friday, May 15)

Incentives & Bonus Contest

It's been a long road with COVID-19 quarantine so we know that motivation might be a little low. So we have something for each of you who choose to join us.

You see, there is actually one more "D". It’s an advanced step. It's Distractions!

Having a solid trained final response is your dog's way of saying "Yes, this thing I am smelling is what you are looking for."
But we all know that the vast majority of the time on a search our dogs are smelling things that aren't target odor and they must be proficient at telling us that too.

INCENTIVE: Everyone who joins us for the 5 Day Challenge is going to get a special COVID-19 discount code for our Distraction Training Online Course. How much is the discount code for? $19 off -- because what other number could it be!

BONUS CONTEST: At the end of our 5 Day Challenge we invite you to join our TFR video contest. All you have do is post a video showing off all your hard work building your rock solid trained final response. Winner receives our Distraction Training Online Course for FREE. *contest details posted on Friday*

Join us for this 5 Day TFR Challenge!

Are you ready to have a rock solid trained final response? We invite you to join us for this 5 Day TFR Challenge and finally have the trained final response you have always wanted! Each day a new lesson will go live (see schedule above). Let's get started!